Building Permit & Site Plan Approval
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Welcome to Kych & Co.’s Building Permit & Site Plan Approval service, where we navigate the complexities of construction regulations for you. Specializing in residential and commercial projects, our expert team ensures your building plans comply with local codes and regulations, streamlining the approval process.
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Why Partner with Us?

Deep Regulatory Insight

With extensive experience in local and national building codes, we provide expert guidance to navigate the intricate landscape of construction regulations.

Customized Project Handling

Whether it’s a home extension, a new commercial building, or a renovation project, we customize our approach to suit your specific needs.

Dedicated Liaison Team

We act as your advocate, liaising with government bodies and local authorities, ensuring a smooth and efficient approval process.

Our Comprehensive Services

Thorough Plan Assessment

We meticulously review your construction plans to identify and address potential compliance issues.

Detailed Documentation Preparation

Our team prepares and organizes all necessary documents, from site plans to engineering reports.

Proactive Submission and Follow-up

We manage the submission of applications and persistently follow up with authorities to expedite the approval process.

Ongoing Support and Consultation

Our commitment extends beyond submissions; we offer continual support and expert advice throughout the entire process.

Building Permit

Added Value for Your Project

Accelerated Approval Process

Our proactive approach aims to minimize delays, accelerating the timeline to commencement of construction.

Risk Mitigation

By ensuring compliance, we help mitigate the risk of future legal complications or construction halts.

Project Continuity Assurance

Our expertise ensures that your project moves forward without unnecessary interruptions.

Embark on your construction project with Kych & Co. as your trusted advisor in obtaining building permits and site plan approvals. Reach out to us for comprehensive, expert assistance tailored to your project’s unique needs.

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