Why Andy Cohen Pretended To Be Mad at Summer House Producers

Andy Cohen had a bone to pick with one of the Summer House producers during a recent Watch What Happens Live episode. 

During West Wilson and Kyle Cooke’s latest appearance, the Summer House stars revealed the most “bro-mantic” thing that occurred between the guys while filming Season 8. “We actually kissed at the campout and they didn’t show it. It didn’t make the [air],” West said about his co-star and bestie, Jesse Solomon. Andy replied, saying, “What?! How did that not make air?”

But it didn’t stop there; West spilled more tea, revealing Kyle and Carl Radke shared a steamy kiss, too. In fact, it was so passionate that Kyle “fell over” from his chair. “Yeah, we all kissed. All the dudes made out that night, and it didn’t make the cut,” West said. Later, Andy jokingly called out a producer, saying, “Lauren Eskelin, can you come see me after the show, please? What the f*ck is that?!”

Jesse and West formed a great friendship outside of Carl and Kyle… 

Kyle Cooke Doesn’t Regret Calling Out Jesse Solomon | WWHL

It’s no secret that the Bravosphere has been loving Jesse and West as the newest Summer House additions. The fan response has been so much that West admitted to getting a little overwhelmed. “Everyone before the shows aired has been like, ‘Oh, get ready for the DMs,’ and I was like, ‘I’ll get a couple,’ [but] no, it’s been f*cking crazy –– a little overwhelming,” he said. 

But amid the chaos, West has his pal, Jesse, to lean on. He told Decider that they formed a close friendship in the house, and it’s continued since filming wrapped. “I talk to Jesse basically every day,” he said before explaining the dynamics of their relationship. 

“I think Jesse and I being able to build our own friendship allowed Kyle and Carl to have their own friendship without us needing to wedge our way into it if that makes sense. We could kind of play doubles, and then when we were together, it was obviously great.”

Summer House continues on Bravo on Thursdays at 9/8c. 


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