‘Suburban’ Meridian project could go urban with proposal for hundreds of luxury apartments, restaurants, more

Big changes could be on the horizon for the Pine 43 development in Meridian.

Owner DRB Investments LLC plans to go to the city with a proposal to revamp the remainder of the project, changing it from a suburban concept to an urban gathering place where people could live, work, and play.

As previously reported, Pine 43 was originally supposed to total 196 single-family homes and 159 townhomes with retail and commercial space. It sits at the intersection of Pine Ave. and Web Wy. between The Village at Meridian and downtown Meridian.

Under the new plan, the principals, Dennis and Matt Baker would move away from the previous plan of using the remaining 33.5 acres on the site for surface parking, commercial, and retail space. Instead, they would transition it to an urban mixed-use project with 848 apartments, 35 townhomes, a hotel, retail space, restaurants, and office space for medical technology.

The Bakers have been working with project manager Dan Torphin and their team for the past two years to develop an updated site plan for the remainder of Pine 43.

“When we saw the growth and the change and the maturity of the city of Meridian, Dan said to Dennis and myself, ‘guys, this is not a suburban project,’” principal Matt Baker said. “It’s an urban project. And our thoughts, need to be urban of what’s the highest and best use for the ground.”

Concept plans for Pine 43. Rendering: Courtesy Erstad Architects

Matt Baker said the apartments are planned to be “luxury” style apartments with amenities like rooftop pools, boche ball courts, cold plunges, saunas, pickleball courts, and fire pits. The bottom of several buildings on the north side of Pine Ave. will have retail space on the first level of the buildings followed by apartments the rest of the way to the top.

Plans also call for a central plaza where people can gather and enjoy on-site restaurants. Across from the plaza, there is an “improved community space” planned which Matt Baker said could be used for food trucks or events like car shows. The hotel is planned to have 160 rooms.

The 218,000 square feet of office space would be geared toward medical uses. Everything from an ear, nose, and throat doctor to a research center is on the table. Matt Baker said they chose to hone in on the medical use because Pine 43 is near St. Luke’s, the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine. It’s also right down the street from the Blue Cross of Idaho campus.

About 79,000 square feet of the project will be dedicated to retail space.

In total, the project will have approximately 1.4 million square feet of space, not including parking.

Concept plans for Pine 43. Map: Courtesy Erstad Architects

“We’re really doing it to leave a legacy-type imprint on these projects. I think you can see by almost two years of nothing but planning and planning and redos and planning,” Matt Baker said. “It’s really about putting the best product and project we can out there.”

Matt Baker said that not including the city approval process, he expects the project buildout to take between 10 and 12 years. DRB Investments LLC will still need to submit a formal application to the city, meet with Meridian’s Planning and Zoning Commission, and get approval from Meridian City Council before it can proceed with the updated plans.

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