Skyrim: Hearthfire Housing Guide

There are houses to fit any budget and need in Skyrim’s many cities. While such homes offer compact residences in convenient locations, it is hard to consider them yours when they are pre-built. The three homesteads from the Hearthfire update change this, giving you homes that you build from the ground up, literally.

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After buying a plot of land, you will amass logs, stone, clay, and whatever else you need to assemble your home. It begins as a small shack and evolves into a sprawling mansion that caters to your specific needs and preferences with enough room for your spouse and children.

Updated December 23, 2022 by Nicolas Ng: Building a new house is always difficult to figure out and to properly imagine. This article has been updated to bring it in line with the rest of our walkthrough, offering additional tips and clearer instructions as to exactly what you need to do.

Choosing A Homestead Location

Skyrim Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone on throne

There are three locations where you can choose to build a home. You can purchase and build all three possible homesteads if you so choose.

Each plot of land will cost you 5,000 gold and comes with its own specialty. After you have settled on a plot of land, you can use the provided drafting table along with the workbench to begin building your dream home.

Heljarchen Hall – The Pale

Heljarchen Hall

Skald the Elder, the Jarl of Dawnstar, will sell you this property after you complete the following quests:

The unique feature of this homestead is a buildable grain mill that can be used to make flour.

The grain mill is particularly useful for
baking treats in survival mode
by letting you make flour by yourself.

Lakeview Manor – Falkreath

Skyrim Lakeview Manner

This plot of land can be purchased from Jarl Siddgeir in Falkreath after helping him with a favor. He will send a courier to ask for help when you reach level ten. You will have to defeat some bandits before you can earn purchase the land.

Lakeview Manor is unique in letting you build an apiary and for its temperate and pleasant weather.

Apiaries are the only way to
consistently produce honey
in Skyrim.

Windstad Manor – Hjaalmarch

Skyrim Windstad Manor

This plot of land can be purchased from Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone of Morthal once you have completed Laid to Rest, a quest that you can start in Morthal.

Windstad Manor is the only place where you can build a fish hatchery.

The fish hatchery is ideal for
rearing fish for alchemy.

House Additions

Interior of Hearthfire home

Once you buy a plot of land, then you can begin building a small house. As you get more materials like lumber, you will be able to turn your small house into the main hall and add different wings to your home.

There are several customization options to choose from when choosing what to do with your home. Here is what you can choose to make each wing of your home into.

Please note that you can
choose only one option for each wing
at a time,


Enchanter’s Tower

It comes with an enchanting table and some displays for your best works.


You will get 18 plots for growing plants.


This serves as a larger sleeping area than the main hall. Building it will allow you to house two children.



A tall tower where you can store books.


It gives you displays for your equipment.


This has all the cooking amenities that you want, with


Trophy Room

You will be able to display your hunting trophies in this room.

Storage Room

A room that has more storage space than you would want.

Alchemy Lab

A tower with an alchemy lab and several useful plants.

In addition, you can also customize the exterior of your home by building a few different items to help you out. These are the exterior additions available to all three homes:

  • Garden
  • Animal Pen
  • Stable
  • Armorer Workbench
  • Smelter
  • Grindstone

Lastly, you may add a cellar to your home. This is an excellent place to have your shrine and storage area, especially if you choose to have the north wing as a trophy room or alchemy lab.

Furnishing Your Homestead

Skyrim Hearthfire Adoptable Orphan Sofie

You can furnish your home in two different ways, the first being simply getting a steward and paying them to do it. The second is by using your workbench to craft the furniture items you want in your home.

Most players end up doing a mix of these options, as the steward’s furnishing doesn’t include shrines. You will need to gather building materials by mining, visiting lumber mills, and killing wild game.

Quarried Stone

You can find Stone Quarries near your homestead, where you can excavate Quarried Stone.


Clay deposits are on your homestead. You can dig clay from them.


This material can be sourced from the lumber mills across Skyrim. You will have to talk to the owner to buy a shipment.

Iron Ore

Many essential building components, such as hinges, nails, and iron fittings, are made from iron. You can mine it from the many deposits in the province.

Goat Horns

Many lighting fixtures need goat horns. You can buy them from a general goods store or harvest them from animals.


Windows, greenhouses, and displays use glass as a building material. You can buy them from a general goods store.


Used in beds, you can buy straw from general goods stores.

Building materials can b
e purchased from your steward,
if you are feeling lazy.

Every item will need different resources in order for you to craft it. For special furnishings like shrines will need you to have collected the amulet for the corresponding Divine. In addition to furnishings like chairs and beds. You can also craft display cases to place your favorite items in and chests to store all your sweet rolls.

You will need to have beds in order to move in with your wife and child. Once you have the proper sleeping arrangements you can choose a home to move your wife and two children into.

Getting Helpers For Your Homestead

Lydia in Breezehome

You can get three different helpers to live with you and your family in your home. They will make things easier and bring some life to your home.


Your followers can become stewards. They will help you manage your estate.

Carriage Driver

For 500 gold, you can have a carriage driver at your homestead.


Both your spouse and children can be entertained by a bard for 1,500 gold.

The steward will also be able to purchase animals for your pen and horses for your stable. Your home will be attacked during random events and if your animals are killed, simply see your steward to purchase another one.

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