Qualicum Beach amends bylaw to align with Bill 44

The Town of Qualicum Beach has amended its zoning bylaw to align with the provincial government’s Bill 44 housing statutes.

Bill 44, enacted last year, mandates local governments to allow four dwelling units on almost all residential parcels.

This required the town to review its zoning bylaw that will comply with requirements of the provincial legislation by June 30 of this year. 

The town’s zoning Bylaw 900 was presented by Town Planner Luke Sales to council for endorsement at its regular meeting on June 26. It has been upgraded and modernized by removing content that was no longer relevant and creating new bylaws for clarity and ease of future amendments that include regulations and procedures for the board of varians and the advisory planning commission.

Interim residential design guidelines have been incorporated into the current Bylaw 900. There also have been changes made to the definition sections.

Sales said they will continue to amend the bylaw down the road. There is a list they plan to follow up and bring up for discussion in the future.

“Certainly there will be items that require further review,” said Sales. “And in the last meeting, council flagged a few that weren’t simple amendments to make and required further discussion.”

Council approved the bylaw and welcomed the option to be able to review it in the future.

Council also adopted an amended bylaw for the Advisory Planning Commission and Board of Variance Commission. 




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