Port Edward outsources building permit process to Prince Rupert

Port Edward reminds residents the City of Prince Rupert is handling building permit applications

As the weather warms, residents in Port Edward who want to make repairs and renovations to their property are being reminded that permit applications are now being handled by the city of Prince Rupert.

As of April 2, permits within the District of Port Edward were outsourced to the city.

Here’s your permit application’s to-do-list:

1. Fill out the building permit application form on Prince Rupert’s website, or state your request to the Prince Rupert-Customer Service, informing them of your property location; or

2. Call the City of Prince Rupert-Development services at 250 627 0946, 250 627 0960 or 250 627 0950.

3. You can also choose to email them at customer.service@princerupert.ca or fax them at 250 627 0979.

4. After your application is assessed by the building authority, you will need to pay the application fee at the District of Port Edward Municipal office.

5. After the completed process, the City of Prince Rupert will issue and mail the building permit to you.

On its website, the department of Development Services recommends everyone review the form with staff over any confusion regarding the information requested. They cannot consider applications until they are complete and fees are paid.

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