Marquette City Commission approves condo site plan

Work at Hemlock Park, a subdivision of condominiums, is well underway at 3100 M-553 to address middle income housing needs. (Courtesy image)

MARQUETTE — On Monday, the Marquette City Commission approved the site ownership plan for the 26-unit Hemlock Park condominium plans at 3100 Highway M-553 by a unanimous vote.

The planning commission recommended the project as compliant with city housing code.

“It’s exciting. It feels like we’re moving right along and we need all kinds of housing in Marquette,” Commissioner Jenna Smith said.

The city clerk explained the action taken by the commission approves the method of ownership as condos. Within one year of completing the subdivision, a draft master deed must be submitted for review to the city’s zoning administrator and city engineer to verify full compliance with city ordinances.

The Hemlock Park Condo project will address housing for middle income needs.

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