Make your kitchen remodel easier than giving birth

BEFORE: A couple of young homeowners spent two years envisioning what they wanted in their kitchen. But when they learned a baby was on the way, the project took on a new urgency.

She wouldn’t be my daughter if she weren’t undergoing a major home remodel in her third trimester of pregnancy. But here we were.

I still remember being pregnant with her and standing in my torn-up kitchen in the California home I was remodeling – surrounded by hammers pounding, drills grinding, and no working appliances – when my water broke.

History repeats.

Now a very pregnant Paige was calling me daily with construction updates. The cabinets were in, but they still needed counters and appliances. Tick-tock.

When Paige and her husband, Adam, bought their first home together in the Denver area two years ago, the kitchen and primary bathroom needed work. The bathroom shower was not fit for a prison camp, and the 15-year-old kitchen felt cramped and dated. The backsplash was busy. Old appliances were not energy efficient. Temperature markers had worn off the stove dials. The refrigerator stuck out too far. Cabinets were unremarkable. And the builder-grade fixtures were ho-hum.

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