Máj’s First Problem: The Shopping Center Had to Close the Playground

Máj, which reopened to the public just a month ago after extensive renovations, is already facing its first issue.

The fifth floor of the historic building houses part of a family amusement park on the terrace. It features various slides and climbing frames but lacks a building permit.

Initially, the terrace was intended for visitor parking, but it was later converted into a children’s playground without the necessary permit.

As a result, the Prague 1 Municipal District Building Authority has begun proceedings to remove the playground, according to Hospodářské noviny. Martin Klán, a board member of Amadeus Real Estate, which owns Máj, commented:

“The contractor for the outdoor playground mistakenly considered the installation of mobile play elements as a non-construction modification, which typically does not require a permit. Unfortunately, we discovered this mistake only after the fact. Given the cultural significance of the site, the contractor should have discussed the changes with the authorities. We are now working to correct this error and are in talks with all relevant authorities.”

Following the Building Authority’s initiation of removal proceedings in late June, the developer applied for a retroactive building permit within the 10-day objection period. If the necessary approvals are obtained, the playground may still receive permission.

“In any case, the developer will face a fine,” said Karolína Šnejdarová, spokeswoman for the Prague 1 Municipal Office.

The reconstruction of the Máj shopping center, which cost Amadeus Real Estate CZK 4.5 billion, took two years and was completed this May. The center features restaurants, shops, and an entertainment area across 17,000 square meters.


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