Livingston’s first marijuana business seeks re-approval for site plan

PINCKNEY — Construction of a cannabis retail store, growing and processing facility at the former Pinckney Elementary could resume later this year. But first, village officials need to reapprove final site plans.

Progress stalled at The Means Project after a legal dispute, resolved earlier this year, between father-and-son investors Ahmed and Michael Boomrod of The Means M.A.A.B. Partnership and Chris Bonk of B5 Contractor Services, as well as several subcontractors.

Bonk originally spearheaded the project, but is no longer involved following a court-ordered settlement.

On Monday, July 8, Pinckney Village Council voted 4-2 to grant The Means Project a one-year extension on a special land use permit at 935 M-36, allowing them to retain three marijuana business licenses. The licenses were set to expire in August.

Construction could soon resume at The Means Project, 935 M-36 in Pinckney.

Village President Linda Lavey and Councilmember Jeffrey Spencer were the dissenting votes.

“What guarantee do we have that this time around there won’t be the problems you had the first time around, with the payments of contractors and such?” Spencer asked presenter Jacob Kahn, an attorney for The Means Projects.

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