It’s a Bountiful July for Naturalists in Red Dead Online –

For those who walk on the wild side, July is your month in Red Dead Online.

July is a big month for Red Dead Online, what with Independence Day and all.

While everyone’s getting their piece of the pie as part of the month-long nationwide celebrations, it’s the Naturalists who are getting the biggest slice of them all.

Before we get into that though, let’s start with what’s free for everybody: a free Rebellion Poncho awaits everyone who logs into Red Dead Online from July 2 through July 8, and the following freebies for logging into the game anytime this month: 30 x Sedative Rounds, 3 x Blending Tonics, and 1 x Potent Predator Bait.

If you’re a Naturalist, you’ll receive a pair of white Strickland Boots for completing a Sample Sale with Miss Davenport. For July 9-15, you get a 50% off offer for a Camp Tent and another half off for the Deluxe Campfire from July 18-22. Finally, white Carver Pants are the final reward for the month for sampling species all over.

Since we’re on the topic of Naturalists and Harriet Davenport, she’s offering triple the usual RDO$ and XP payouts for completing Naturalist Free Roam Events and Naturalist Sample Sales.

Moving on, the powers that be have tripled the rewards for the Ability Card XP for July when you participate in Free Roam Events, with thrice the XP on Gang Hideouts, and double the Gold, RDO$, and XP, for completing Telegram Missions.

You’ll also receive a Burned Town Treasure Map and a blue Owanjila Hat for completing an Animal Sighting Mission and one round of Wildlife Photography, respectively.

Speaking of clothing, celebrate Independence Day in style with the red, white, and blue Patterned Bandana, the Covington Hat, Tied Pants, Ortega Vest, and Woodland Gloves, which are all on sale through July 29.

For those who need even more incentive to keep playing, a red Eberhart Coap awaits the players who complete Daily Challenges for five days straight.

Finally, with July comes a new set of Featured Series, with double the $RDO and XP waiting for completing the following on the specified dates: Hardcore Most Wanted (July 2-8), Hardcore Plunder and Spoils of War (July 9-15), Hardcore Overrun (July 16-22), Team Gun Rush (July 23-29).

Red Dead Online's monthly release of updates has helped the remaining few players enjoy what's left of the game.Red Dead Online's monthly release of updates has helped the remaining few players enjoy what's left of the game.
Red Dead Online’s monthly release of updates has helped the remaining few players enjoy what’s left of the game.

Here are the other freebies and discounts for Red Dead Online for the month of July:

  • Feathered Flop Hat
  • Farling Jacket
  • Collar Overshirt (Male)
  • Western Shirtwaist (Female)
  • Mitehill Pants
  • Weathered Half Chaps
  • Worn Ropers Boots

These pieces, courtesy of the YouTuber JillyBeany, are available free from participating Tailors. You may also order them through Rawson, the Wheeler, and Co. Catalogue.


50% off

40% off

30% off

  • Emotes
  • Trinkets
  • Gus’ Store Clothing
  • Revolver Style Customisations
  • Ammo Pamphlets
  • Bandoliers
  • Off-Hand Holsters


In other Red Dead news, the Epic Games Store recently leaked the potential release of the PC port of the remastered version of Red Dead Redemption. Also, if you’re ever in Scotland, you might want to visit the National Museum. Rockstar is showcasing exclusive Red Dead Online memorabilia through November 3.

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