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Through the “Investing in America” agenda, the Biden-Harris administration is cutting costs for hardworking American families in every corner of the country. With the largest investment in clean energy and climate action in history, the Inflation Reduction Act is already helping lower both the up-front cost of installing clean energy technologies and reducing household costs by lowering monthly utility bills and improving energy efficiency.

Tax credits for energy-saving home improvements like installing heat pumps, rooftop solar and insulation can not only save families money, but they also mean more business for locally owned manufacturers, home contractors, construction companies and mom-and-pop hardware stores, to name a few. Increased sales also mean new jobs to fill the needs of completing those projects, leading to a better quality of life for us all, with those local paychecks staying in our communities.

Several states are launching their own home energy rebate programs, funded by the Inflation Reduction Act. Others, such as Delaware, are preparing their applications. The rebates will help low- and middle-income families take advantage of money-saving energy efficiency improvements. You can track each state’s progress toward setting up its rebate program at energy.gov/save/rebates.

John Fleming

Mid-Atlantic regional administrator, Small Business Administration

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