Construction Management Plan

A Construction Management Plan (CMP)  is a combination of diagrams, documents, drawings, and specifications, prepared by a Professional Engineer, that clearly define the steps that will be taken to demonstrate how the impacts to the community will be minimized and how the impacts associated with any construction project will be managed.  A CMP is required when construction activities such as, demolition, excavation, construction of a new development will happen within 5 m of municipal property or street or will create an obstruction within the street. The CMP will be submitted as a part of a permit and is required to meet the requirement set out within the ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NUMBER 2018-005-ADM Respecting Construction Site Management.

Active Construction Management Plans

The following CMP plans are associated with active development projects.  These the location of CMPs requiring sidewalk and lane closures can also be viewed on the RoadWorks map

View the sample construction management plan and sample drawings for the demolition, excavation, substructure, and superstructure phases of construction. Submission requirements for individual construction management plans may vary with the nature and complexity of the projects.  

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