Best Window Installation Companies Of July 2024

Many factors are involved in finding the best window installation company. Still, ultimately, a few key points will help wipe any fog off the glass when trying to see more clearly which window installation company is best for you:

Customer Ratings

A company’s customer reviews and satisfaction scores can tell you a lot about whether or not the company is a good fit for you. Things can and do go awry during installations and having a quality company dedicated to ensuring any wrongs are righted and any missteps are corrected is tantamount to a smooth experience. Scour customer reviews and check on a company’s website to see if its installers are AAMA Installation Certified.


Finding a local company to do the work is often less expensive and provides a level of security when it comes to reputation—a local company is much more likely to care about its local reputation and go the extra distance to ensure you’re happy with the product and installation.

In-Home Estimates

Approximating the cost of window replacements remains difficult to do over the phone or via the website. The approximate cost depends on several variables, including the number of windows, measurements, the type of replacement windows, product options like glass type and details of what’s involved in the installation. All of these items are more accurately estimated in-home, which is why you want a company to provide this service. All of the companies on our top five list provide in-home estimations.

Warranties and Financing Options

Window replacement can be expensive, but the return on your investment will pay for itself in the long haul. If you’re planning to finance, choose a company offering low-interest payment plans for installations. Make sure the company guarantees a warranty on the installation, the window parts and the glass itself. Always read the fine print of any deal carefully.

Compare Prices From Home Window Companies

Learn about window installation costs, various window brands, types of windows and more.

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